Featured Artist: Jade Leyva

Jade LeyvaJade Leyva, 2017 Local Treasures Designee, was born in Mexico City and now makes her home in New Mexico. Her work combines influences from Magical Realism to Pre-Columbian and Postmodernism. On the surface, Jade’s work often appears whimsical, but a closer look leads the viewer into a deeper reflection on her central themes of art, love, unity, and our fragile relationship to Mother Earth.  Her series of iconic women is especially intriguing and thought-provoking. Continue reading “Featured Artist: Jade Leyva”

Featured Artists: Hayley Nolte & Scot Ray

Featured artist: Hayle Nolte and Scot Ray

Richard and I were at the Denver Arts Festival and we fell in love with the work of our booth neighbors, Hayley Nolte and Scot Ray. They transform post-consumer metal containers into beautiful art. Continue reading “Featured Artists: Hayley Nolte & Scot Ray”

Featured Artist: Beverly Hayden

Profile of Beverly Hayden, Assemblage Artist

We are at the 4 Bridges Arts Festival in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Over the years, we have made many friends at this festival and at other arts and crafts shows. Continue reading “Featured Artist: Beverly Hayden”

Good Company

A poem inspired by our booth neighbors at the Southwest Arts Festival and these Minnesotans’ wonder at the strange “pine trees” in Indio, CA.

One of the things Richard and I love about traveling to art shows is meeting other artists. Our biooth neighbors in Indio were Erik Sauliltis and Georgia of Danceprints. They are from Minnesota and made a joking comment about the strange “pine trees” in Indio. Richard was inspired to write a quick poem about this. Continue reading “Good Company”