Downtown Arts & Cultural District

I’ve said it before. Albuquerque is a fantastic city for artists and other creatives. There are many initiatives, both public and private, focused on growing Albuquerque’s creative economy. Continue reading “Downtown Arts & Cultural District”

Soup is Love Project Update

“Helping Other People through Art”

Join other community members at the Little Bird de Papel studio to create beautiful soup bowls for a homeless charity fundraiser to be held in March 2018. You will learn how to build ceramic bowls from slab clay and a mold. Your bowl will go through a bisque firing. Then you will learn how to refine and decorate the bowls for a final, glaze firing. You will be able to make as many bowls as you would like throughout the year. Participants in this project are invited to volunteer at the fundraising event in March 2018 during Women and Creativity Month. Continue reading “Soup is Love Project Update”

Origami Earrings Galore!

I really enjoy making my origami earrings, especially selecting the papers and complementary Swarovski crystals. I have designed 57 different pairs of earrings, in six different color families, and six custom earring options. For more details on my earrings, click the link for each color located above the photo collage for that color. Continue reading “Origami Earrings Galore!”