Father’s Day is Coming!

Father’s Day is coming on Sunday, June 18. T-shirts for men featuring my art are available in my Redbubble Shop. Perfect for the father who loves art.

(Read to the end for a coupon code to use in my Redbubble shop.)

You can find my clothing for men at http://rdbl.co/2qO640G. Here is a sample of what you will find there.

NEWSFLASH: Get 20% off all designs and items in my Redbubble shop TODAY (6/12/2017). Use GETCREATIVE at checkout.

Visit me online at the following links:


Author: Vicki Bolen, Little Bird de Papel

I am a paper artist living and creating in Albuquerque, NM. Working with paper to create art gives me an appreciation for the beauty and cultural significance of this versatile material. I began by folding origami cranes, and over the years my work has evolved to include handmade greeting cards, book making, boxes and mono prints. Each piece gives me the opportunity to create something useful while expressing myself artistically. I attend numerous art and crafts festivals throughout the country because my intent is to share the joy I experience in making art. My artwork is also available through my Etsy and Redbubble shops.

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