Featured Artists: Hayley Nolte & Scot Ray

Richard and I were at the Denver Arts Festival and we fell in love with the work of our booth neighbors, Hayley Nolte and Scot Ray. They transform post-consumer metal containers into beautiful art.

Hayley Nolte & Scot Ray
Hayley Nolte & Scot Ray – Recycled Metal Folk Art

They flatten, hand cut. layer and hammer post consumer metal containers, onto a wooden base, then add roofing material  and distressed copper. The result is unique art characterized by highly tactile, color-dense, 2D relief surfaces.

metal folk art of a woman holding a frog surrounded by sunflowers
Mixed Media Metal Artwork – by Hayley Nolte and Scot Ray – Recycled Metal Folk Art

Check out Recycled Metal Folk Art’s web page at pburgcabin.wixsite.com. Check out their metal picture frames and metal-framed mirrors, as well as more of their 2D wall art. I know you will enjoy their whimsical work.

–Vicki Bolen, Paper Artist Extraordinaire



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