Wedding Season!

Thank you to I Do and You for featuring my paper origami earrings in their Paper: First Anniversary blog post.

Little Bird de Papel’s Etsy shop has many items suitable for weddings and wedding anniversaries, including bridesmaid earrings, wedding cards, and alternative, accordion journals.

Bridesmaid Earrings

A great gift for bridesmaids is earrings to wear in the wedding and to take home with them. Every time they wear the earrings, they will remember your special day. View more than 60 different origami earrings at

Wedding Cards

Do you have one or more weddings coming up this summer or a special anniversary? Check out my handmade wedding cards at

Alternative Guest Book

Brides love using my handbound accordion books as an alternative to traditional wedding guest books. They are available at

Richard and I want to extend our congratulations on your upcoming wedding. We want to leave you with a poem by Richard that is featured on one of our wedding cards.

Wedding wishes
Share the dishes,
Laugh long,
Laugh hard,
Years  of kisses.
–Richard Wolfson

Wishing you  all the best,
–Vicki  Bolen



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