“Albuquirky” Little Houses

This year is the 12th Annual “Albuquirky” Little Houses Silent Auction Fundraiser for Off Center Arts. Each year, local artists are given little wooden houses to turn into one-of-a-kind works of art, which are then auctioned off to raise funds for a worthy cause. My assistant, Deb Weaver, and I are happy to participate again this year.

My contribution this year is “Chalkboard Condominiums” — a fun, family communication center.

Three quirky wooden houses mounted on a board and painted with chalk board paint.
Chalkboard Condominiums by Vicki Bolen

My assistant, Deb Weaver, who is a textile artist, created a Fairy House using scrap yarn, upcycled styrofoam, jewelry, buttons and other items.

Fairy House by Deb Weaver

It’s always fun to create art for a good cause, especially Off Center Art’s all-inclusive arts studio where the process of making art within a supportive community and a safe environment provides all the therapeutic and healing aspects of art  — especially for those most marginalized in our community.

–Vicki Bolen


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